2023 Tournament of Champions

2023 Dracakis Tournament of Champions – Sunday March 12

The Poker Nation Tournament of Champions is an Event for all Poker Nation Tournament Winners.

*Conditions Apply

Qualification is by Winning any Poker Nation Nightly Event, during the Qualifying Period.

This Event is a Freeroll Entry to Ticket Holders.

The Prize is shown below, Valued in excess of $10,000

Qualification period for the Tournament of Champions is until Friday before tournament.

(This may be extended or changed due to Covid interruptions)

Players can win Multiple Entries, Players have the right to sell these to friends, or they can keep them to restrict the size of the field

A list of Winners is being updated on a regular basis on the Poker Nation website. If a player wants to sell off Tickets, Poker Nation must be notified prior to Friday before tournament.

Qualifiers DRACAKIS Tournament of Champions

Danny Armstrong

Jacqueline Benedict

Adam Berry

Anne Binns 2

Anthony Black

Graeme Blaskett

Frank Borg

Katherine Bowen 2

Michael Brown

Zoe Charters

Rocky Chvastek

Tony Conn 3

Craig Crawford

Jacinta Crawford 2

Kelly Davis

Lyon DeSousa

Kerry Disney 3

Sean Earp

Tim Elliott

Eimear Fahy 3

Charlie Firth 2

Phil Furney

Keith Gallacher 2

Albert Gomassi

Ra Goteza 2

John Hilikari 6

Greg Hoy 2

Tom Hoy

Mark Humar

Dennis Huntly 2

Aziz Ismail

Travis Jackson 2

Fred Johansson

Daniel Komen

Rachel Konefka 4

Cam Lawless

Matthew Lapore

Charles Lee 2

Samantha Lemke

J. Little

Rob Madafferi 2

Michael Manongdo

Tim Marshall

Nick Masters

Con Mavridis 4

Andrew McMillan 3

Russell MacMillan 2

Henry Monohan

Rory Moore 3

Vince Muscatell├┤

Apeec Nhail

Andrew Nirens 4

Leigh Nothrop 4

Bryce Paul 3

Dominic Pomianowski

Paul Rajovic 6

Anand Raju

Mark Ramsay

Dan Reynolds

Terence Revell

Michael Roughley

Darryl Rowe

Shaun Ryan 7

Adam Shelley

Harvey Silver

Chris Skinner

John Storey 3

Steven Tamilselvan

Jarrod Thomson

Cathy Teki

Kirsty Upjohn

Allan Van Der Feer 6

Valantina Viscoso

Oliver Ward

Brian Williams

Malakye Williams